Friday, March 10, 2006

incredible shock: mort "arabs aren't real people" klein treats his staff members cruely

The Forward just published an expose on Mort Klein's disgusting treatment of staff members at his wignut Zionist Organization of America (ZOA):
At the same time that he was juggling Middle Eastern politics...Klein also was facing down a lawsuit from his ghostwriter and top adviser and a labor grievance from the organization's longtime receptionist.
A few examples:
  • he fired his secretary because she didn't clap at his remarks in a staff meeting
  • he denied promised benefits when the security guard retired after 23 years, now the man ekes by on the pension of his late wife
  • he fired a woman who asked about family benefits too many times after having a child
When he came to Brown he did this whole screed about how there were "high" and "low" cultures and that palestinians were not capable of civilized behavior. It appears it is he that isn't capable of civilized behavior. Perhaps it shouldn't surprise me that a man who doesn't believe in the full humanity of palestinians also doesn't appear to believe in the full humanity of his employees. One of his former board members was quoted in the Forward:
"I am a businessman, with companies," said Schachter, 75, who is a Florida real estate mogul. "I never treated people in my life as I saw Klein treating human beings. Never, ever."
What an embarassment to share a cultural adjective with guys like Klein and Abramoff.
We have to get tough on calling people on this sort of behavior and cease to placate these sorts of abusive leaders.

on last quote for y'all:

"It wasn't that I was abusing them," Klein said. "I tried very hard. The pain in my life is that it didn't work out."


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