Monday, March 27, 2006

The Only Yid in Yirimadjo

My dear friend Ari Johnson has recently decided that he needs to extend his stay in Mali foranother month to help the community health program he is coordinating transition to its next phase (

This means he will be making Pesach in Mali. He says:
"I am possibly the only Jew in Mali (I have heard rumors of another Jew several hundred miles away, but I have yet to confirm), so I will be making the Seders here with many Muslim brothers and sisters, with my adoptedfamily in Yirimadjo, the
community I am living and working with. If you have any good
Seder materials and/or ideas that are graphical/in French or Bambara/accessible to folk who have never met a Jew before,
please please send them [my way]."

So if you can think of anything for Ari to use or know anyone who might be helpful leave a comment or e-mail me.



At 3/28/2006 , Anonymous rebecca said...

that's incredible. I wish I had the guts to do something like that-- I get very attached to holidays. Aside from the amazing work he's doing, he's got his priorities order. It's like the midrash about Avraham leaving an encounter with God to welcome guests.


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