Monday, May 15, 2006

More Bad (good) Bush News

This poll info comes from CNN via political wire:

Americans Prefer Clinton Over Bush

A new CNN poll finds that Americans strongly prefer former President Clinton to President Bush on a wide range of issues. Americans said Clinton did a better job than Bush:
  • On the economy, 63% to 26%
  • On solving the problems of ordinary Americans, 62% to 25%
  • On foreign affairs, 56% to 32%
  • On taxes, 51% to 35%
  • On handling natural disasters, 51% to 30%
  • On national security, 46% to 42%
  • On honesty, 46% to 41%

the numbers speak for themselves. Let me just add that it is very VERY very bad when people think you are worse than clinton on honesty. Oy.


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