Monday, June 26, 2006

Shabbat abroad

It is nearly July. [whoa, really?!]

This reminded me of a really funky upcoming event. In just over a month (july 28th) The Kol Zimrah community will be visiting The Tikkun Leil Shabbat community. Our siblings in New York will be traveling to habirah, the capital, to share a shabbat with us. We will also be taking a shabbat abroad this summer to visit them in NYC.

Prior to discussing this with MahRabu* I had never thought of such a thing before. How exciting! Our older sib will be coming to visit. Has anyone ever heard as a minyan exchange? I am excitingly considering what aspects it will have. We will potluck toghether on friday night? What will happen shabbat morning? The zoo minyan might also meet and get in on the action. perhaps we will have lunch in the park. so many possibilities! perhaps we will even have a melavah malka jam after havdalah. who knows? since we haven't ever heard about a similar gathering there isn't really a blueprint.

if anyone has any ideas please shout 'em out.

*MahRabu just poot up a very interesting post about The Pittsburgh Platform. I hope to find the time later this week to respond point-by-point. In general i think emphasizing the jewish god-idea is a fascinating approach but unsurprisingly take the approach that said god-idea has evolved so dramatically over time that it bears little resemblance to the original, which was very similar to other religious forms. you might say the god-idea has evolved. what is most important is not establishing the superiority of our notions but the appeal of our communities and the justice of our actions. in this regard i am interested in ideology insofar as it impacts the development of communities, imagining of the divine, compelling its adherents towards just lives, and imbuing its holders with a sense of meaning. because of this outlook i am much less comfortable separating ideas and their implementations as mahrabu does. in any event, major kudos for his thoroughness and in sparking what i am sure will be a fascinating conversation which will lead to much growth for many people in many different ways.


At 6/26/2006 , Blogger BZ said...

Based on what you say here, I'm not sure we really disagree.


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