Monday, August 28, 2006

Justice Dopey?

This is the second part of the series comparing the american populations knowledge of government to its knowledge of populr culture.
The first installment pointed out that Americans were far more framiliar with Simpsons family members (of which there are five) than with the first ammedment protections (also ~five).
This installment checks out how much we know about a wider variety of aspects of the american political system and popular culture such as, thee stooges, branches of government, supreme court justices, JK Rowling, and the seven swarves. Thanks to AMSS for making me aware of zogby's data.

Let's give this a go ourselves. I wrote my answers out so i would be able to make sure i didn't fudge them.

Q1: What is the name of Homer's son on the Simpsons?
Q2: What is the name of one of Homer's epic poems about ancient Greece?
Q3: What Planet is superman from?
Q4: Which planet is closest to the sun?
Q5: What does C.S.I. stand for?
Q6: What does C.I.A. stand for?
Q7: What are the names of the three stooges?
Q8: What are the three branches of the American government?
Q9: What is the name of JK Rowling's fictional boy wizard who lives in England?
Q10: What is the name of the current Prime Minister of England?
Q11: Name two of Snow White's Seven dwarves.
Q12: Name two current justices on the US supreme court.
Q13: Who did the US Senate confirm as the 110th justice to serve on the Sup. Court in Jan-06?
Q14: Who did the TV viewing audience vote to be the newest American Idol in May-06?
Q15: What is the name of the current, popular CBS reality show filled with hundreds of microphones and cameras that eavesdrop on houseguests?
Q16: Which leader signed a secret order authorizing the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on US citizens and foreign nationals in the United States?

You can check out the answers as well as the percentage of respondents who gave correct answers over at zogby:

I got Q1-Q6 correct
Q7, i chose moe, curly and shemp. all three were stooges, but i don't think at the same time.
Q8-10 i got correct.
For the dwarves and justices, i gave myself 10 seconds each. I generated 4 dwarves (pathetic, i know) and 8 justices. I missed Breyer, who I like, so that was embarassing.
Q13: i names Roberts instead of Alito. this was another embarassment.
Q14: i didn't even hazard a guess on the American Idol question.
I was correct on Q15 and Q16.
All told I think i was 13/16.


At 8/28/2006 , Blogger BZ said...

I got everything except American Idol!

Bashful is the least popular dwarf - how fitting.

At 8/30/2006 , Blogger Ruby K said...

i also, embarassingly flip flopped roberts and alito.

what the hell is CSI?

is the american idol dude the really annoying guy that couldn't hold Chris Robinson's heroin tinged microphone scarf?


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