Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Change

I missed the debate last night though helped devise our drinking game. A few folks came over after RDL threw something together. I headed out early to hear Eicha read and drinking liquor right before fasts is a terrible idea. Everyone picked a candidate and then we collectively chose their drinking word. All variations of the word also counted
Edwards: Hope
Richardson: Governor
Kucinich: Spiritual
Obama: Change
Hillary: Strength
Moderator/Questions: Anything with a grammatical mistake

In terms of content, i hear this was a great moment:

Edwards says something powerful. *Big Change* will need to come from a fight. I am not sure Obama has the brawling spirit and constitution for that fight. He may, and if he does i'd like to see some signs before I jump on his bandwagon. Richardson has made some amazing deals and is veteran, he may have the savvy and brazenness to win that fight. HRC, well the fight wouldn't get 80% approval from focus groups, so for her, it's probably out. Maybe she will stop making split-the-difference policy decisions and get tough but i am not holding my breath. Edwards makes a strong case above that he is the guy for this fight but i worry whether he is acting or if he really believes it. Has he turned the corner? Maybe. Hard to know. He needs to get some traction if he wants to get more juice from establishment characters, unions, and party activists.


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