Sunday, October 26, 2008

From the Front Lines Part IV

(Embarrassingly, I always get confused about which Roman Numeral is 4 and which is 6. Let me know if I screwed it up.)

Before I mention a few experiences from Saturday, here is a hysterical post written by a sportswriter about Obama picking a fantasy football team. Thanks Judy H for sharing it on google reader!

Saturday I was leafleting. We met up at the Postal Workers' union hall. Some folks from NY's Transport Workers Union Local 100 joined us. Al and Donovan joined Herman and I to work a piece of turf with about 100 folks. Al woke up at 3AM to come down on the TWU bus. He repairs and maintains the electrical systems on buses and subway cars in NYC. Donavan does track and line work in the tunnels. We knocked through our packet pretty quick. The folks were about half "not home" and half Barrackies. It was really terrific to see folks come down from NYC. They dedicated their day to this. Put in two transit hours per canvass hour. Good for them.


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