Thursday, May 04, 2006

how to have stylish beards

someone recently got to by blog by searching for "how to have stylish beards". though i wish i were an expert on this, my current beard is not praticularly stylish. though it may be considering recent developments in beard style i discussed a few weeks ago.
its the beardiest time of the year for us jews. the above hyperlink explains a bit more about the omer and why some yids rock beards this time of year.

PS: after 14 days of the omer (a week ago) this is what my beard looked like

in conclusion, to whoever found the blog by searching for "how to have stylish beards", sorry i couldn't help much.


At 5/04/2006 , Blogger Teutsch said...

That's it, I'm growing a beard

At 5/04/2006 , Blogger Ruby K said...

lookin good, ZT!

At 5/04/2006 , Blogger ZT said...

aww shucks, ruby-k (blushes).

hey jason, will it be more of a chin beard or a neck beard?

At 5/04/2006 , Blogger Teutsch said...

Actually, I already have a beard. It's been here since the weather got cold. I was just commenting on your trend-setting fashion sense.

But this post would have convinced me to grow a beard if I didn't already have one...


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