Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taxonomies of Pluralism

Brother BZ has just released the latest piece in his series discussing jewish pluralism; it's called Hilchot Pluralism, Part III: Macroscopic prayer issue and you can get to it by clicking the title.
This series documents and analyzes the pluralistic practices that independent Jewish communities are developing. After a long delay (from February break to April break), here is the long-awaited Part III, focusing on communal prayer.

To end the suspense now, I'm not going to solve any major unsolved problems in this post.

As far as I know, there is still no way to have a minyan that is both gender-egalitarian (meaning that people are not classified by gender) and compatible with a version of halacha that requires that prayer leaders be of a particular gender. (Maybe Jews in the Woods will figure it out someday; they haven't yet, but not for lack of trying.)
I have thoroughly enjoyed BZ's work on this subject both for its clarity and thoroughness. He has broken new ground and change the way i personally think about pluralism. i am glad that he has included some shout outs to the neat stuff we did over the years at Jews in the Woods in his
most recent work. Hopefully in the future this will be come commonplace. Now all we have to do is get BZ to JITW.


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