Friday, May 05, 2006

Torah From My Sister

From tractate Makkot 10a of the Talmud:

"Rav said: I have learned much Torah from my teachers, even more from my peers, but most of all from my students.”

In my case i find it important to add the torah i have learned from my sister. Nomi got quoted in the jewish exponent [philadelphia] in their recent article on the Darfur rally.

Among the local Jewish institutions sending groups to the rally are Main Line Reform Temple, Beth Elohim; Beth Am Israel; Har Zion Temple; the Germantown Jewish Centre; and Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania.

Starting last fall, students in the Human Rights Club at Akiba Hebrew Academy decided to make Darfur their primary focus for the school year. About 75 students from grades six through 12 are expected to attend the rally.

"Hopefully, the rally will make the message clear to our government that there is a large constituency of people who really care about this issue," said Nomi Teutsch, 18, co-president of the club.

Nomi is heading to staff Akiba's ninth grade shabbaton. the topic is pluralism and Nomi just found out that they will be studying Hilchot Plurlaism courtesy of reb BZ over at MahRabu. I am not sure how this came to be the topic, who made the connection with BZ's stuff, nor what the format will be but i will report back when i hear more. in the meantime mazal tov to BZ for getting more exposure for his innovative framework and to Akiba for embracing some cutting edge thinking.


At 5/05/2006 , Blogger BZ said...

Holy shit! Let me know when you find out how that happened. That's exciting!

At 5/12/2006 , Anonymous Desh said...

Did you ever find out more about this? I'm so curious...

At 5/12/2006 , Blogger ZT said...

i found out that it indeed was used in a mandatory workshop on pluralism for Akiba's 9th grade shabbaton and am still waiting for a copy of the worksheet, a more detailed first-person account, and some clarity about how they decided to use BZ's typography before writing an update post.

hopefully sometime early next week...


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