Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where's Jimmy?

There is some news about the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa:
FBI investigators searched for the remains of missing labor leader Jimmy Hoffa in a rural area about 35 miles northwest of Detroit on Wednesday.

The FBI issued a statement that said they were acting on new information.

Officials cordoned off an 85-acre area in Milford Township and could be seen digging on the property, according to ABC News affiliate WXYZ.

It may be silly but i find the Where's Jimmy question fascinating. It's a murder mystery that invovles: Kennedys, the mafia, economic justice, hard-core truckers, federal prosecutors, strikes, pensions funding las vegas, and blowing up factories. There was a movie on this subject in 1992, Hoffa, that starred Nicholson as Hoffa and DeVito as his lieutenant. All this is even more fun now that I work with the Teamsters on some organizing projects. They are so much less colorful these days though.


At 5/24/2006 , Blogger Ruby K said...

the movie's good shit; screenplay by David Mamet if I remember correctly.


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