Monday, June 26, 2006

Wireless Democracy

Wireless contracts should include 30 minutes a month that can only be used for a customer to contact his/her local, state, or national level political respresentatives.

US Senators can all be accessed using phone numbers in their local areas as well as in DC. This system used to provide anyone contacting their elected politicians with a free calling oppurtunity. In the years since this approach was implemented fewer and fewer people have (in their homes) the landlines necessary to be a part of the system. The folks who use cell phones as their prime phone are not randomly distributed.

Offering free minutes for people, especially young people, to be heard in the political system is one small but important step towards engaging the 18-30 crowd in the American polity. C'mon wireless companies, take this wonderful patriotic oppurtunity. It will cost very little and will pay significant dividends for years to come.


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