Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carter Closing on Ensign

Jack Carter (son of Jimmy) is closing hard on Ensign in the Nevada Senate race. Below is the wikipedia table comparing recent opinion polls.

Source Date Ensign (R) Carter (D)
Rasmussen August 2, 2006 John Ensign - 46.0% Jack Carter - 39.0%
Zogby/WSJ July 24, 2006 John Ensign - 49.5% Jack Carter - 35.0%
Zogby/WSJ June 21, 2006 John Ensign - 50.5% Jack Carter - 36.0%
Reno Gazette-Journal/News 4 Poll May 12-15, 2006 John Ensign - 52% Jack Carter - 32%
Las Vegas Review-Journal/Mason-Dixon Poll April 3-5, 2006 John Ensign - 60% Jack Carter - 27%
Zogby/WSJ March 31, 2006 John Ensign - 51.7% Jack Carter - 37.6%

There is some noise due to differences in the ways the questions are asked. The recent poll by Rasmussen* puts Carter down 7. The last Rasmussen poll on the race, about six months ago, had Carter down 53-34, a 19 point gap. he has already gained 12 points.

*this guy must have had a rough time in elementary/middle school.

If this Nevada race is won, and the Dems who are polling ahead and looking good to get pickups win (PA, RI, Missouri, Montana, Ohio), that would total 6 pickups. It would make the Senate totals 50D, 49R, 1I(a dem leaning socialist).

Also, Lamont is now up 54-41 in his race against Joe Sellout. We remember him when...


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