Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's Very Much a Sunrise

Oh Jomentum, why is your campaign so silly?

There is a great post that combines work at dKos, MYDD, and Lamontblog over at dkos.

Dan Gerstein continues to be the stupidest man in politics.

Lieberman's latest ad features a hilarious metaphor -- a setting sun. Gerstein claims it's a sunrise.

"Is the sunset in Joe's new ad a fitting metaphor for the end of his Senate career?" said a statement issued by Lamont's campaign. "Like the rest of the information coming out of his campaign it is full of distortions and lies."

Each campaign issued dueling fact sheets backing and attacking the claims made in the commercial. In an interview, Gerstein took issue with the idea that the sun is setting. "It's actually a sunrise," Gerstein said. "It's very much a sunrise."

Problem for Gerstein is that other people aren't as stupid as he is. Like, for example, dkos diarist EdwardsRaysOfSunshine, who found the source material for the ad.

Here is a direct link to the Getty image used in the ad. What does the description say?

Wide shot sun setting over ocean / birds walking along water's edge / Santa Barbara

It's a sunset. In Santa Barbara.

Way to go, Joementum. And Dan Gerstein -- keep up the good work.

(Via LamontBlog.)

Update: Lieberman's incompetent media guy Josh Isay admits the obvious. Yes, it is, in fact, a sunset.

Now let's see Lieberman's incompetent and stupid top advisor Dan Gerstein admit that yes, he lied to reporters when he insisted that it was a sunrise.

Basically Lieberman's people screwed up again. They chose a sunset graphic, then insisted it was a "rising sun". Then admited that, in fact, it was a setting sun. Hopefully the sun is indeed setting on Jomentum.


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