Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tivo and Triumph

While I was away the few shows i guiltily watched were recorded on Tivo. Upon returning from PA i sat down to watch an episode of CSI and one of Studio 60. Since I the episodes had originally aired in the peak of pre-election ferver, about 40% of the ads were political. Since the DC TV market is important for MD and VA we got commercials for the VA Senate race (Webb/Allen), the MD Senate Race (Cardin/Steele), and the MD Governor race (O'Malley/Ehrlich). All three of the republicans are very very icky (technical term). Many of the ads were vicious and some of the campaigns were dirty. The sleazy Republican attacks and voter disenfranchisement made the races quite close. Ah, but seeing the Republicans ads was so much fun. With Tivo, i had no sense of worry that the races wouldn't turn out well. We swept them. I can' desceribe the relief inherent in seeing desperate attempts to hold on to power and knowing that that is exactly what they are. Thank you Tivo!


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