Friday, October 13, 2006

great commerical

check out this ad. it's my favorite one this season:


At 10/15/2006 , Anonymous Eli Braun said...

Hilarious! But why only women? Wouldn't it be even sexier if men had been interviewed, too? I would wax eloquent on the sexualization of women in public life, but I've got to go "research which positions I like."

At 10/16/2006 , Blogger ZT said...

i think the organization is dedicated to registering women voters. given that caveat their choice of women makes some sense. on the face of it the idea that voter registration works better with some market segmentation seems to make sense. i am not sure that gender is the most useful dimmension on which to concentrate but i bet they focus grouped this ad a lot and this way made the most sense.

eli, great to hear from you! i share your favorite line. the delivery was amazing!


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