Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yes I Can, No I Kant

these are the sort of issues candidates don't address enough:

h/t ari weisbrd [sic]


At 12/13/2007 , Blogger Joe said...


At 12/19/2007 , Blogger Jeff said...

Ha. That was funny.

I'm proud to know the origin of the title of this post. It's from a story that you told me about your s/nc philosophy class in colleger. Here it is for those unfamiliar with it: In a pass/fail class that allowed one of five papers to be dropped (the lowest grade), ZT had already passed four and felt no need to write a fifth. His unpleasant TA insisted he write it and was unyielding on the issue. Well, ZT wrote it, but it was a jab at the TA. The paper was entitled "Yes I can, No I Kant," and it told a personal story at the beach with his mom.

This story has always made me laugh. Thanks.


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