Monday, December 03, 2007

Always Be Yourself

While i was home my dad mentioned that he has joined facebook. i guess it makes sense since he teaches at a college. I just searched for him, by full name,in order to friend him. He is the only person in the US, and probably the world with his name and to my surpsise two people turned up. i clicked on the other one, not recognizing the name and saw she had one of my father's quotes.

"Always be yourself, unless you're an A******, then be someone else." DT quoting another rabbi.

He says that every so often, except he always says "schmuck" but that's minor. It was funny to see it randomly. Next step, figure out who the facebook woman is.



At 12/03/2007 , Blogger bpt said...

the teacher he quotes is Rabbi Leonard Kravitz. Not the rock singer, though.


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