Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From the Front Lines Part VII

Today was another waking up at 5 morning day. I went to a different hospital to do outreach work with our clerical folks, nurses, and various sorts of interns/residents. It was mostly uneventful expect that one particularly gruff guy said Fuck Off when I offered him a flyer. Eh, I guess it's the cost of coming face-to-face with hundreds of folks a day. Some will be rude.

In happier news, here are two stories from today.

While speaking with an elderly woman I found out she was undecided after chatting and doing the normal spiel.

ZT: Have you heard any issues I can address.
EW: Well, my son says Barack isn't a citizen. Do you know anything about that.
ZT: Some people get confused because his dad wasn't American but his Mom was, he was born in the US, and raised here. He was raised by a guy who server in Patton's army.
EW: I am so relieved to hear that. I'll tell my son. You can mark me down for Obama.


Herm and I got hungry after we knocked on the first 100 or so peoples' doors. We stopped in at a neighborhood pizza place called Old London style pizza. I continue to find the name confusing since pizza originated in Italy and was perfected in its current form in New York City and New Haven but that is a separate issue for another day. When we came in there was a middle aged, gregarious, goateed guy putting some pizzas in an insulated sleeve. Dave soon went out to deliver them, but before he did he asked who we were supporting. I asked him who he was voting for and he said he doesn't totally agree with either of them. In 2000 he went to the booth and decided he didn't like the choices and went for "that green guy." "Nader?" I asked. "Yeah, that guy." This year Dave is going for Obama. He is the sort of white ethnic we need to make the coalition work and get Senator Obama in to the White House. After he returned and chatted with us some more we learned that Dave spends his weekends preaching and is the pastor of a local Pentacostal church. He was a fantastic guy, charming and funny. I hope we have him on our side in a lot of future elections.


At 10/30/2008 , Blogger Eli said...

"He is the sort of white ethnic we need to make the coalition work and get Senator Obama in to the White House."

No, he's the sort of ignorant apathetic fool - though nice guy - we need to bolster our majority.


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