Monday, April 03, 2006

*ding* calling your congressmen

*ding* says i should call about immigration.
*ding* pfaw says its time for a call about judicial issues.
*ding* ajws says its make a call for darfur.
*ding* americans for the separation of church and state says get on the horn for religious freedom.

man, i get so many e-mails asking me to call my senators and congress person.*
there is so much important legislation. I suspect we could call our senators and congresspeople daily. when i had senators i considered creating a daily or weekly ritual to approach those calls with more intention. what would such a ritual look like? what would be the proper bracha for contacting ones representatives? perhaps there isn't a good one already around. any proposals?!

*it makes me a little bit sad everytime i am reminded that i have no senators, no congressperson, no representation. Oy do we pay taxes here.


At 4/04/2006 , Anonymous Melissa said...

What a wonderful thought. I think a ritual for a our political lives would be linked to the both the political cycle and the work week. Our work week is M-F, 9am-6pm. I like the idea of starting the week by acknowledging the most pressing issues, so dedicate ten-twenty minutes of reading on Sunday evening- a sort of quiet learning/reflection/descernment to choose which and how many calls are appropriate for you to make. Then, on your walk to work on Monday morning, have the calls ready to make right before you enter your office. Finally, after making your calls, say a prayer for healing or peace, depending on the issues you called for. And, since we live in DC, we can call the Democratic Leaders offices.


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