Monday, June 12, 2006

Bad News for Hillary

Today, as I do most sundays, i played in the intense/chill ultimate frisbee game in lovely Malcolm X Park. I was rather late as i was in philadelphia for my sister's graduation. Following the game i was unlacing my cleats and changing to clogs. A police car pulled up and the guy asked what was in my nalgene as i was drinking. he was pleased to discover that it was gatorade. we got to talking and Officer Robert Thomas had all sorts of interesting things to say. We spent some time talking about trucks, he has a F250/diesel engine. Eventually, as often happens in the district, the conversation turned to politics. A half hour later we were fully invovled in the 2008 question. Officer Thomas lives in Virginia and might be thought of a moderate republican. he voted for mark warner but also jerry kilgore, james gilmore, and george allen is the last several governor races. Robert suggested that he would vote for Warner because he is a good guy and was a terrific governor and knows how to build compromises.
I haven't really thought through whether we need to reach as far right as Officer Thomas but it was an interesting conversation and i was glad to have had it.

We also talked a bit about Hillary and agreed that neither of us thought she was a good democratic candidate. In the last several months lots of people have been talking about Hillary as a walk to be the Democratic candidate for president in 2008. It looks like it may not be as easy as folks thought. Rawstory reports that she is polling behind Edwards in Iowa. Hopefully this will help derail the Hillary Express. She is building a reputation as a powerful broker in the senate. I hope she continues in that role.


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