Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It seems that Thai restaurants disproportionately use puns in naming themselves. We had a celebratory dinner a few months ago at Thaiphoon:

Since seeing Thaiphoon I have considered other puns that would make great restaurant names as well as less appropriate restaurant names.

I took a different bike route to work this morning because the light cycles were different. Lo and behold, as i zoomed down 14th street i saw this:

Wow! Thai Tanic, i had thought of that as a cruel name that no one decorous would use. I clearly was wrong.

What's next? A restaurant with food poisoning issues called ThaiPhoid?


At 6/28/2006 , Blogger bpteutsch said...

Thai-Korean fusion food at

At 6/28/2006 , Anonymous alan said...

food for Hippies from Thailand.... "Thai-Dye"

Thailand restaurant at Colonial Williamsburg.... "Battle of Thai-conderoga"

At 6/29/2006 , Blogger bpteutsch said...

Restaurant with a self-correcting MSG headaches:

At 6/29/2006 , Anonymous alan said...

Restaurant with food so spicy that after your done, it cleans your toilet:


At 6/29/2006 , Anonymous alan said...



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