Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush the Masseur

There is a post up over at MyDD that looks at the strange way Bush touched Germany's PM Merkel. Apparently he started giving her a backrub in some meeting. In a different circumstance or in a less hierarchical, heteronormative, and patriarchal context that would probably be fine, but, wow, you just don't do that. crazy.

in totally unrelated news, i have been really enjoying Emma's blog. It reports on her work as an itenierant rabbinical intern in the south. it's full of colorful scenes, slice-of-life stories, and funky religious/social/racial politics. http://itinerantrabwhat.blogspot.com/

edit: the earlier version of thsi post mistakenly had background where it currently has backrub. sorry.


At 7/18/2006 , Blogger eako said...

Thanks! :)

At 7/19/2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

and who doesn't need a relaxing background now and again.



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