Thursday, July 13, 2006


I had to leave town on sunday so i didn't have a chance, this weekend, to write about the TLS that happened this past friday night. It was fantastic. We have been working on creating a better system to handle all the people who have been showing up, and it was mostly successful. This past week there were over 140 people. In fact maybe more like 155, it is hard to count that many people (hard for me anyway, rob perhaps is more proficient).
It's great to know that folks can find us and that they see the community as compelling enough to return. Eli and Jo led a high-energy davening and julia zuckerman gave a great overview of JUFJ's Yes In My Backyard Campaign. This thing seems to be meeting a need and growing. Maybe it's cyclical, maybe not. We'll see.
The next TLS is the first installment of our exchange with KZ. Needless to say, a lot to look forward to.


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