Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lieberman Screws Party--Yawn

In case anyone was still wondering about how much Lieberman cares about party democracy here is some news:
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman tried to reassert his commitment to the Democratic Party today, after announcing on Monday that he would run independently for reelection if he loses the state Democratic primary next month.
If he was committed to the Democratic Party he wouldn't run as an Indy if he loses the primary. This statement is two-faced bullshit. Joe could have said something like "i have been a lifelong democrat, but i represent the people of CT and as long as i have their approval i hope to be their senator. i refuse to be crippled by partisan politics and hope the debate will be about the issues and not petty partisanship."

He didn't say that. He probably doesn't believe it either. He deserves to get a pat on the back for his 18 years of service and a nice quiet retirement. I am tired of his holier-than-thou attitude about media and policy in general and have had enough of his foreign policy myopia. he may be a hawk but he probably wouldn't recognize an actual hawk if it started a civil war up in the trees. Lieberman may be good on many issues, but if he fights our party by running as an indy, i will donate another round of cash to Lamont.


At 7/05/2006 , Anonymous rdl said...

this was my favorite quote of Lieb's:

"If 30 percent of the Democrats come out and vote, that's about 210,000 people," Mr. Lieberman said. "That means 105,000 plus one will win the primary. There's 2 million voters, registered voters, in the state of Connecticut. That would mean that 5 percent of the registered voters would have the opportunity to decide whether I continue to be Connecticut's senator or not."

this is some really fuzzy math. first of all he assumes that all 2 million registered voters will vote. my quick google search showed that only 55% of registered Conn voters actually voted in the last off-year election, 2002. So that means there are only about 1 million people likely to vote.

And why does he only count half of the Democratic primary voters as counting towards the vote. If even they vote against him, they have still voted. So, a better percentage would be 20% of registered likely voters (200,000 democratic primary voters out of 1,000,000 likely general election voters) who get to decide if he continues to be Connecticut's senator. Though, they are really simply deciding who gets to be the Democratic nominee. And hello, thats the way the primary system freakin works. And please, even if 5% of CT voters get to decide his fate, thats far more than the percentage of Americans who decided his fate in 2000 - he should be so lucky.

If he's got a problem with the party primary system (of which there are plenty) then the fucker should try to fix the system rather than do an end-around and bank on Republican votes to get him into office. Who will he be beholden to then?

At 7/05/2006 , Blogger ZT said...

If he is worried that 5% of CT residents will vote for Lamont then shouldn't he get 6% of CT residents to vote for him instead of calling the system a sham. A sitting Senator who can't find 5+% of the people in his state to say he is doing a good job ought to be long since retired.


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