Friday, June 30, 2006

Following Moses

Following in the hallowed steps of Moses Malone the brilliant-biblically*-named basketball player a new biblically named baller was drafted wednesday night. The big difference of course, is that the #53 pick in the draft, yotam, is a dude from israel.
Moses Malone is a member of the NBA's 50 greatest Players List. Other players with common biblical names include:

Dave Bing
Dave Cowens
Dave DeBusschere
Michael Jordan
Jerry Lucas (Not sure what if anything it is short for, though Jeremiah would make him in)
David Robinson
Isiah Thomas
Nate Thurmond

Dolph Schayes, i think the only jewish player on the list, sadly did not have a biblical name. dolph is short for Adolph. Bummer.

*here, and in general, i am referring to the hebrew bible.


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