Thursday, July 20, 2006


Rajiv and I used to joke around about our distaste for lieberman, and never did find a good combination of lieberman and republican.
yesterday, it's reported that, joe lieberman's campaign was asked whether they would consider running on the republican line if offered. A day later his campaign clarified that he would never run as a republican.
for clarity's sake A DAY LATER. On the surface, they seem to have actually discussed the possibility of accepting the republican nomination. My assumption is that they never actually considered it. It was probably a strategic move to make republicans more open to Liberman when he runs as an Independent. Can he really build any more support among republicans. seems he is doing all right in that department.

Update: For the first time, polling shows Lieberman trailing Lamont. Lieberman 47%, Lamont 51%. Go Ned! More info here.


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