Monday, August 07, 2006

How do you know things are bad?

How do you know things are bad?
Ziggy Marley comes to play a peace concert.

With conventional negotiations showing little progress, perhaps Ziggy's vibe-based approach will ensure tranquility:
'I'm here as a soldier of love," reggae star Ziggy Marley proclaimed last Thursday, as he performed at Ra'anna's municipal park in a suburban-style city in the center of the country, far from the katushyas that are hitting in Israel's north and from the Qassam rockets falling in the south. It was the same message he had given at a pre-concert press conference: "I have no fear. I believe in what I do, good vibes, love, release of tension, negative energy... love is my religion."
Maybe he is on to something, if we adopted love as a religion, wouldn't things be better? Alternatively laziness or apathy, if adopted, would probably also produce less warfare, murder, and mayhem. It's pretty much norms of ethnic and religious triumphalism as guiding dogma that seem to be the problem.


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