Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Question of Priorities

According to Hotline:

Lamont unveiled on 9/5 his "first major domestic policy plan" since winning the Dem nomination "as he seeks to expand his agenda beyond the antiwar platform that defined his primary campaign." His $31.2B education proposal suggests that money being spent on the Iraq war should be used "to expand federal financial aid for college students, improve math and science teaching and create 'community schools' that would be open 15 hours a day." Lamont: "It's a question of priorities. This is one of the best investments we can make" (Medina, New York Times, 9/6).
I like the use of priorities as the frame. It brings up the compelling idea of oppurtunity cost.
Would you rather be spending money on chaos in Iraq or education in our neighborhood (or someone else's neighborhood, either here or abroad). Even if you think Iraq ought to have been invaded, you might think that though Iraq should have been invaded we also should have history books that were edited after the cold war concluded. As Mr. Lamont said, it's all a matter of priorities.


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