Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking Power, Sharing Cereal

This recent profile of the house in which Durbin, Schumer, Miller and Delahunt live was among the funniest articles i've read this year. Granted, said year is about three weeks old, but still, go read it. Here is an excerpt:

“Everybody in the world says they’re going to do a television series based on us,” said Mr. Durbin, who was collapsed on the couch on a recent Monday night. Still in a tie, he sipped ice water from a massive Chicago Cubs cup while waiting for the Chinese food to arrive.

“But then they realize that the story of four middle-aged men, with no sex and violence, is not going to last two weeks,” he said. The prevailing topics of their discussions are grandchildren and Metamucil, he added.

“Hey, speak for yourself, Durbin,” Mr. Delahunt said, protesting the claim of no sex and violence.

“There is a lot of violence in here,” Mr. Schumer said.

In fact, the roommates have never resorted to violence, at least with one another. (Crickets are another story.) Their weapons are verbal, and often aimed at Mr. Schumer, who admits to a serious dereliction of roommate duties, like grocery shopping. He is also prone to a blatant disregard for conserving a most precious household resource, cereal.

“I love cereal,” Mr. Schumer said, digging into his second bowl of granola, going a long way toward depleting a box that Mr. Miller had just purchased.

The night of the national championship football game between the University of Florida and Ohio State, Jan. 8, was a rare instance of the four roommates being home and awake at the same time. It had not happened since the election in November, and the neighborhood has changed considerably since then. Several Republicans on the block lost their race or left Congress (the latter category includes the disgraced Representative Mark Foley, who lived down the street).

“This street was just devastated by the election,” Mr. Miller said. “Who says Republicans are good for property values?”

He added that no Republican had ever set foot in the place, at least to their knowledge.

“We just have to vote with them, not live with them,” he said.

The story didn't make me any more confident in the state of the free world but is sure did make me smile. Kudos to the four guys profiled for showing their human side.


At 1/22/2007 , Blogger BZ said...


Schumer's other apartment is two floors below my grandparents in Brooklyn.


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