Sunday, February 11, 2007

yay for weekends

i am not exactly sure why weekends are so relaxed. that's a lie, i am very confident that it has to do with not working.

friday night-->tls was packed as usual. it seems to be growing all the time. eli led a vibrant K"Sh. we moved the shtender into the middle of the aisle, that seemed to work well. while setting up chairs we discussed the extent to which it is full of tricks. i'll post on that soon. this past friday night, TLS had 130+ people again. I worry about what will happen as we hit spring/summer and more people start coming again. Rob had a very clever solution. perhaps he'll drop it in the comments.

saturday-->football was lots of fun as usual. little drama, just running around, being silly and having a good time. i got to pad my QB numbers with a pair of TDs and no picks. I did have a mediocre game on defense though. no passes defended or picks. Aaron had a scare but is doing fine last we checked.

sunday-->i am vaguely thinking of buying in DC. i went to first open house, mainly for kicks. it is hard to imagine moving to a place where it would be harder to host several dozen people, but i am increasingly realizing that groups of that size are rather overwhelming.
post-condo analysis it was off to the ultimate field. i haven't played in several weeks, it was great to get moving again. it is such a blessing to be able to push my body to the limit. at some point i will be to worried about pulling something or simply will not be able to run this hard. it is a pleasure to run hard, breathe deep, and feel the cold air rushing into my lungs. thank goodness for good health, what a beautiful thing to be blessed with.


At 2/12/2007 , Blogger Aharon said...

Could TLS respond to its growth pressures by budding new communities? Or is that undesirable?

At 2/15/2007 , Blogger Chorus of Apes said...

I think thats a great suggestion. Lots of miniminyans, with occasional mega gatherings.


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