Wednesday, May 02, 2007

NHC Registration

I recently submitted my registration to the NHC Summer Institute. It was a bittersweet experience, happy because I am excited about the potential experience, sad, because like nearly every other form I have filled out it included a set of address-related question.
Why would address-related questions be sad? Well most of them aren't. Street-->no problem. Zip Code-->fine. The upsetting one is "state" to which I have to respond DC. When others get Senators, Congresspeople, and local (limited) legislative autonomy, we get federal oversight.
I can't think of a simple solution to the question of what to do with forms. That's a lie, I have a very good, simple solution: grant DC Statehood now.


At 5/03/2007 , Blogger BZ said...

Yay NHC, and yay DC statehood!$


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