Monday, December 17, 2007

Eagles Win

Wow, the Eagles just hit the Cowboys with a major roadblock. I only saw the last three quarters but, wow, what a three quarters it was. They held the Cowboys to 6 point, 24 less than their normal average. With three sacks, 7 passes defended, 3 interceptions, and several forced fumbles and tackles for a loss, the eagles defense made the Cowboys O look amateurish. Phialdelphia's offense didn't look crisp, but they put up a TD and FG. Westbrook stopped short of TD in the open field in the last minute to ice the game. Practically, we scored 2 TDs and beat them 17-6.

The Eagles D played well against the Patriots, slammed the 'Boys, and looks very good. It has a young linebacker corps, several young defensive lineman and will probably add a pair of young safeties to replace an aging, but still intense Dawkins. They will probably cut Kearse and maybe Howard in the offseason freeing dollars for another DE or possibly a game-breaking WR or TE. Kearse and Howard are making elite starter money and not getting on the field much, so this is any easy decision if trades don't work out.

With an increasingly spry McNabb fully recovered from his knee injury and another weapon this team could be ready to return to the show. Wow. I am feeling much better now.


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