Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wow. Keith Olbermann is tough.

I tend to think Keith Olbermann is the best news guy on TV. I don't watch cable news much but it is littered with folks who parrot the conventional wisdom and repeat talking points uncritically. Olbermann makes it his business to analyze and, when he thinks it necessary, criticize and does it with a progressive bent.

A couple years back he, channeling Edward R. Morrow, started making "special comments."
They began as a way to draw attention to particularly heinous acts of the Bush administration. He always closes with Good Night, and Good Luck. Last night, for the first time he took aim at a Democrat, HRC for her campaigns lack of substantial distancing from Ferraro. It is more complicated and brilliant. Definitely watch it.

Wow. Watch this.


At 3/13/2008 , Blogger Aharon said...

I had never heard the term "casual prejudice" before, but this term describes what I've been hearing for years and sometimes referred to as benign prejudice. Nothing benign about it - same lingering cancer, but tolerated longer and even within liberal circles.

At 3/13/2008 , Blogger Ricky said...

Keith is great, but also check out Jack Cafferty on the 6 PM hour on CNN.

Rick Pincus


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