Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Thoughts

Sarah Palin is McCain's choice. Here is her political experience:
  • Wasilla City Council1992-6
  • Wasilla (pop. 5,470) Mayor 1996-2002(?)
  • Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 2003-2004
  • Alaska Governor (2007-8) (Alaska has roughly the same population as DC)
By contrast, Quayle had served in the house for 4 years and the Senate for 8 when he was selected as Bush I's running mate.

Is she ready to be "1 heartbeat away from the presidency"?

McCain obviously thinks so. This is grossly hypocritical in light of his attacks on Obama who has wowed world leader, been a Senator, and exercised keen judgment. She is busy trying to get polar bears off the endangered species list to help oil drillers and tweaking the budget of a state the size of DC. Yikes.

One last, largely unrelated point: being a republican from Alaska is a little bit like being in solid-waste management in New Jersey, you may be clean, but the odds are strongly against it. For all her talk of clean government, i expect we shall find out she has done several less than savory things for personal gain.


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