Saturday, November 01, 2008

From the Front Lines VIII

One story from today and another from yesterday.

Today I was working in the southern part of the city. It gave rise to fictional characters like Rocky Balboa and actual characters such as Chubby Checker, Larry Fine (actor of Three Stooges fame), and Vince Papale. It was mostly an Obama friendly bunch but I had one of my first "oh my god, this person can vote?" moments. It was at the home of a woman in her mid-70s.

ZT: Have you had a chance to vote yet ma'am?
OL: I voted ansentee (wags finger). I bet you're doing the wrong thing.
ZT: Huh?
OL: I can see from your shirt you are voting for Obama.
ZT: Yes ma'am. We endorsed him because he is better for working folks.
OL: We will be in a war in 8 months. You watch.
ZT: Let me make sure I understand, you are voting for McCain because you think he is more likely to make measure peace-creating foreign policy decesions?
OL: He was captured and held by the Japanese for 20 years.
ZT: He was never captured by the Japanese. He was a Vietnam POW and held for five years. He also likes to sing about bombing Iran .
OL: You better look it up. Japanese. 20 years. You don't know what you are talking about.
ZT: Have a nice day ma'am.

Also, I forgot to mention, earlier this week, I was in a tough neighborhood and one of my houses had a big metal door with an eye bar. I knocked the eye slit opened.
"what do you want..."
"my name is Zach. I am with the AFL-CIO. I'm here supporting Obama."
"how much you want?"

It took me a second to realize I had doorknocked a drug dealing spot.
"actually i'm just going to leave a flyer. have a nice day sir."


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