Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Senator Macacawitz

The George Allen situation just keeps getting weirder. RawStory has this:
Allen's office has rescheduled a hearing until the day after Yom Kippur, the holiday on which the hearing was originally scheduled. The change was reported in today’s edition of ROLL CALL.
So, a few days after saying he was a christian, that his mother was a christian and that people shouldn't make religious aspersions, the Senator is clearing the calendar on Yom Kippur. What could have possibly happened to yield this outcome?

“He’s Jewish and Monday is Yom Kippur,” explained Brynn Slate, spokeswoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners, completely matter-of-factly to HOH.

“The date was set and then Michele contacted one of his staff because she had read that he had sort of — I don’t know what you would call it — he had just announced that he’s newly Jewish,” Slate told us. “So Michele contacted them to ask if they would want to change it because of the holiday.”


Unrelated but hysterical is the following blurb:

ROLL CALL also reports that a new nickname for Allen, "Sen. Macacawitz," was overheard at a party recently. Allen came under fire a few weeks ago for calling a man of Indian descent, "macaca," which is sometimes used as a racial slur.


At 9/27/2006 , Blogger BZ said...

"I don't hold by the eruv."

At 10/12/2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell does this do to the Virginia Ham industry?


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