Thursday, December 07, 2006

all i really wanted was a haircut

i was going to get a haircut the other week, but on short notice i had to go to St. Louis for work. I rescheduled. i went over there tonight. when i started going to the guy who cuts my hair, things were different. pretty much i just came in and pretty soon i was shorn. the last time i was there, i came in and they offered me a glass of wine. that's right "would you like white or red sir" was actually asked of me in preparation of cutting my hair. really i don't want red nor white, i want my damn haircut, if i had wanted a glass of wine i'd have gone to bar not a barbershop. actually, that's just the issue, i hadn't gone to a barbershop at all. this wine proved that in fact it was i took the glass of wine, but now i am thinking about finding a barbershop. that is much more comfortable for me. it's what i am used to. i don't need a shampoo, i don't need anyone to call stuff you put in your hair product. i'd have a beer, but that's besides the point. really what i want is my haircut. anyone know a good no frills grumpy old dude who cuts hair and complains about ridiculous developments and tells absurd nostalgic stories about the 1940s. maybe a place that still gives shaves? i don't even care that much about the shaves, the barbershop poll, or even the combs in a jar of whatever that green-blue stuff is. i think i am going to need to break up with my hair stylist, and i am sorry to say the wine was the last straw.


At 12/12/2006 , Anonymous alan said...

That green-blue stuff is called "barbicide" and it's a disinfectant.

The original bright blue variety was invented in Brooklyn many years ago, and manufactured there exclusively until recently.

You can tell it's authentic if it never gets cloudy. There was an article about Barbicide and its inventor and neighborhood in the NY Times about 3 years ago.

At 12/12/2006 , Anonymous alan said...

found the article:

At 12/12/2006 , Anonymous alan said...

actually upon reading it I was thinking of another article, but that one's pretty good too.


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