Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Maybe He Can Be Something Someday

Had lunch today at Java Green with Josh Eidelson, Erin Scharff, and Abby Bellows. We were talking about bringing back old-school jewish names like Irv, Ira, and Gus. Abby pointed out that a lot of those names got nixed because the children of immigrants got names designed to help them make it. Many got much more waspy names. Erin mentioned that such things have switched back. I loved the idea of Asian parents naming their kid Shlomo. Josh imagined what the Asian parents might say..."we are naming her basya so she will have a chance".
what an odd twisted situation that would create.
Erin brought up the Freakanomics chapter that addresses naming disparities between African-American and White-Americans as well as other ethnic connections.


At 1/08/2007 , Blogger Stephanie said...

Some of those names are coming back. Sam, Max for boys, Rose for girls... those are names that you see in grandparents and babies but very rarely in our parents' generation. Usually it takes a few generation for names to come back in vogue. Some names, on the other hand, seem doomed... can you imagine naming your kid Ethel?


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