Monday, December 11, 2006


This past friday was a TLS week. A lot of folks seemed to be out of town and a few people wondered why the numbers were down. In actuality there were about a hundred people. What a blessing that numbers down means a hundred folks show up. It is, i think, just the right number of folks for the RAC. We can accommodate more, but then we can feel the fullness, which some people love and others find overwhelming. Sarah Beller and Evin Isaacson lead davening. Sarah even introduced a new niggun for yedid nefesh. Moreover, she wrote it herself; go sarah!

in unrelated news:
  • i highly recommend upgrading to using FireFox 2 (free) as your internet browser. it has a bunch of minor improvements but has one that is particularly amazing: it has a real-time spellchecker that works almost exactly like the one in Microsoft Word. When you type a word incorrectly it gets that red squiggly underline. a right-click allows you to swap in the correctly spelled word.
  • a few months (weeks?) ago a semi-official jews in the woods website launched. it is the result of some good process and much kavod goes to aharon varady for doing much of the design.
  • Someone created a wikipedia page for JITW. It has a pretty full history and some good links. Kudos to whichever people made that happen. A lot of the people highlighted in the article don't yet have wikipedia entries, perhaps i'll find some time to write a few entries.


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