Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(non)Snow Day

i just received the following e-mail from the HR guy at work:
Due to expected deteriorating road conditions, the Office of Personnel Management has dismissed all non-emergency personnel today at 2:00 pm. Therefore, [name of employer] will also allow staff to go home early in accordance with our policy.

The closure has been issued in order for road crews to work more efficiently.
i'd say "yay! snow day" but it isn't snowing. like, not at all. if i went outside, i would not get wet. if i tried to make a snowball my fingers would scrape the sidewalk.

this is a pre-emptive snow day. we are closing in anticipation of the likelihood that it will snow. To be clear this is more of a non-snow day.

What will be next, calling in not-yet sick?


At 2/18/2007 , Blogger E. said...

Ha! Reminds me of all the "snow days" in MD public schools, when my siblings and I would stay home all day - because it was raining.

You've probably heard about the upstate NY weather. In some places, it's four feet deep. But Syracuse is pretty well equipped to deal with it. The snow plows come through in the morning, piling massive snow banks that block in the driveways. Two of my faculty took the day off because they couldn't get their cars out. I think it's hilarious that the snow plow, of all things, is keeping people off the roads.


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