Sunday, May 13, 2007

2007 Brown Alumni Election


We can vote for up to 4 of the six.

I wonder how these folks made this list. They must have been selected for personal wealth or something. Of the six candidates I all are high-earning financial or corporate professionals; certainly not a cross-section of Brown grads. None appear to be actively involved in public service nor progressive causes.

All could be wonderful people but their don't appear to be significant nuances I have discerned. I would be content with any four so I am not voting in that category.

President Elect

Of the three candidates Joseph M. Fernandez was the only one who is a public servant. Easy choice.



All three candidates seem unlikely to add to the diversity of the board and none seems uniquely likely to bring a moral voice to the discourse. I am voting for Rozoff as he appears to have the keenest strategic visioning skills.



Anita Schell-Lambert is the easy choice. She is a compelling (as reported by my mother) and has dedicated her life to service


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