Friday, July 21, 2006

DC Judo

DC isn't a state, we don't have senators, or even a voting congressperson. There must be some way to use non-statehood to our advantage. Apparently there is a move on the get DC the caucus slot between Iowa and New Hampshire. New Hampshire has a law which gives them the ability to move their primary before that of any other state. Perfect. We may be highly relevant to the 2008 presidential selection process. This is good for diversity. Washington has a non-white majority, lots of progressives, and vibrant communities of many recent immigrant groups. This is good for america.

Update: It looks like Nevada will be between Iowa and NH. This is good news for unions, especially CtW which has over 100,000 members in NV, a state with only 350-400,000 registered dems. this could be a big boost for John Edwards as he has been working hard on behalf of unite-here's hotel campaign. unite-here has a local with over 50,000 in las vegas. edwards is connected to them because his father was, as well all know, a mill worker and unite-here includes the old textile unions.


At 7/24/2006 , Blogger BZ said...

So it looks like it's going to be Nevada and South Carolina. While I would have liked to see something more urban, this is still a positive move toward diversity. South Carolina registered Democrats are probably majority African-American at this point, and Nevada is the fastest-growing state in the country.

At 7/24/2006 , Blogger ZT said...

Nevada is also home to the largest citywide labor local. Las Vegas has a unite-here's local 226 with over 50,000 members. there are also large construction locals, several thousand teamsters, a significant seiu local, and 7,000 members in a ufcw local. add it all up and you get 75-115,000 Change to Win members in state with about 365,000 overall democrats. not all CtW members are dems but, yowza it sure looks like adding nevada will make unions a relevant issue.
edwards is tight with unite-here so this bodes well for him.
[MyDD, i think, was the first to throw out an argument like this one.]


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