Friday, July 21, 2006

rhinestone t-shirt

rob and i were leaving the house at the same time this morning so we walked up hobart street together. it was nice to have a few morning minutes. as we were nearing MtP and 16th street came into view i saw the last of a glut of buses pull away. damn. sometimes the buses cluster and then another bus doesn't come for 10-12 minutes. when the bus did get there, it was packed. i got on and was in a mess of people.
a woman sitting down had on a black t-shirt with rhinestone lettering. it said skinny bitch. She was indeed a thin woman but seemed pleasant. that said, we didn't talk so i can't comment on the latter descriptor. i was more interested in why anyone would were a skinny bitch t-shirt. is it for humors sake? is she indeed a bitch and hoping that full disclosure will take the edge off expectation. perhaps taking the initiative in embarrassing this label makes it easier to hear when leveled as an accusation. most likely though, i think, is that the woman was primarily spanish speaking and there is a cultural nuance in the intensity of meaning of the word. maybe she chose it carefully. maybe she didn't know what it meant. either way, don't expect to see me in a skinny bitch shirt anytime soon.


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