Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In the Field

You guys know I've been pimping Ned Lamont left and right (errr, left and progressive?). Today is the primary and I have no idea how it's going to go.
There is a lot of news on the ground and it appears to be looking good for peace, justice, and Lamont. I am guardedly optimistic. Afterall, i still have a vivid memory of working on some research and checking kerry-bush numbers like a maniac in 2004. i went down the hall called rajiv and we organized a victory party. dozens of people came. as evening turned to night our elation gave way to shock and then despair. it was awful. that keg was one of the saddest we have ever consumed. For that reason i am not letting myself get to excited about the likelihood of joe going home where he can't undercut progressives anymore.

this got me all choked up when i read it earlier. Not exactly sure why, but i thought i'd share a note from the gound:
Poll watching, for those who don't know, is a pretty simple, even brainless activity. Your "job" is to be a smiling, cheerful presence for the campaign. You can't approach closer than 75 feet from the door to the polling station and you cannot accost people of press campaign literature on them. To keep the poll workers inside happy, Evon and I carefully instructed voters to remove any buttons and hide any campaign flyers before entering the polling place.

I waved to people and said helpful things like, "Hope you vote for Ned." I also ahd fun passing out Kiss buttons, generously supplied by Ctkeith. I also made it a point to call out to people leaving the polls, "Thank you for voting, sir!" If they said, "I didn't vote for your guy" (a few did) I'd say "The important thing is you voted."


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