Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Ad Idea

Would this work as a 527 expenditure*?

1: video roles of Clinton talking about the crazy landing in Bosnia, the sniper fire, not even being able to stop. --> Cuts to video of the serene ceremony.
2: Video roles of Clinton taking credit for SCHIP. --> cuts to clips of the folks who brought us SCHIP saying HRC didn't have anything to do with it.
3: Clinton takes credit for Irish peace-->gets set straight.
4: Clinton says she was involved in tense security moments-->cuts to a senior aide saying she never even had security clearance.

Kicker (voiceover): What can we expect from HRC? That she'll do what she always does. The only things Clinton will be ready to do on day 1 is mislead.

*It couldn't be an Obama ad, probably, because he has run on themes of unity and positivity.


At 3/27/2008 , Blogger Aharon said...

5: Her supposed opposition to NAFTA vs. her silence on NAFTA.

At 5/04/2008 , Anonymous Barry said...

527s can go both ways. How about an add featuring Alice Palmer explaining how not only did Barack not graciously relinquish the seat she gave up to run for congress --- now THAT would have been "new politics" --- but also instructed his lawyers to dump alice and the others running for the nomination using technicalities in the election laws, so that he won the nomination by default.
(Election law technicalities....that is OLD politics.)


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