Thursday, September 04, 2008

Don't Mourn, Organize

When Joe Hill was on his death bed, legend has it that he said, "when i die, don't mourn, organize." Well, a lot of people are worried in the aftermath of a punchy Palin talk. Here is some evidence to cheer you up. Check out this trend (h/t Pollster):

It's the electoral trend since January 2007 in Virginia. McCain started up 58-38 (+20). By now, he is down to about 48-51 (-3). According to the stats at if Obama wins the states where he is currently ahead by 5% or more and one of these swing states: CO, NC, VA, OH, or Florida...he will win. If he loses all those swing states (very unlikely) but still wins NV and NH, or MT, ND and one of NV/NH he will also win.

We gotta just buckle down, give money, make calls, and organize. If we do, we will win.


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