Thursday, September 04, 2008

On Naming Children

According to WikiPedia Sarah Palin's children are named:

  • Bristol (born 1990)
  • Track (born 1989)
  • Trig (born 2008)
  • Piper (born 2001)
  • Willow (born 1995)

  • This woman isn't even qualified to name her own children let alone assume the presidency.


    At 9/04/2008 , Blogger Aharon said...

    Bristol is an odd name, but then to many people who have never heard it, so is Aharon. Even the practice of naming is a convention, so why can't the choice of names be completely arbitrary? Whether they reflect a cultural practice, regional norm, or are without precedent, I could care less what their relevance might be in this political discussion. The irony is that my argument (by way of cultural relativism) would be anathema among many of Palin's supporters.


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