Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday evening DH3 and I shopped in the neighborhood, made dinner, and watched the Lamont-Lieberman results trickle in. A shocking thing happened. Since I started giving to political candidates, Lamont is the first one to win anything. He actually beat a three-term senator, Wow. I am still somewhat in disbelief. A few months ago more Connecticuters had heard of some Nascar drivers than have heard of Ned Lamont. But last night 144, 336 people had heard enough about Ned to give him the blessing of the Democratic party.

In light of his recieving the nomination, would the party establishment embrace him? Would his Nedmentum continue?
This morning Hillary Clinton cut Lamont a check for $5,000 from her PAC. If Clinton is giving, it means the mainstream is lining up behind the nominee just as they promised. Hillary needs to distance herself from Joe and isn't ready to take a leadership position on the war, so taking the lead in supporting Lamont is a good move for her.

Let's hope Bill does some robo-calls.


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