Thursday, March 27, 2008

Supers say *chill out* to Clinton

Finally! (from PoliticalWire)
"At a time when Sen. Hillary Clinton is increasingly relying on superdelegates to vault her to the Democratic Party's nomination, a handful of undecided and pledged superdelegates are coming forward to say her campaign's tactics in recent weeks are doing more harm than good," according to NBC News.

"The Democratic Party insiders say they believe Clinton's direct attacks against Sen. Barack Obama in recent days are hurting the party and its chances in November, and also say it is showing a calculated, desperate-to-win side of Clinton that they dislike."
I am glad this is finally happening. The supers need to keep Clinton from toxifying Obama.


At 3/27/2008 , Blogger bpt said...

a progressive local friend who is a Hillary supporter said yesterday, when it's time to cast the vote, she may feel differently. It sounds like as the weeks of Hillary hell wear on, people will be figuring out it's a bad idea to vote for her, even if it's their preference, since it will encourage her to drag everyone through the mud.
Saw a picture of her next to Tonya Harding. Is your generation old enough to know the story?
The press is really souring on her. Brooks, now Kristof.
You can just watch the sea-change.


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